Steam Trains on the Local Railway.

One of the features of the village is the privately operated railway, featuring a variety of restored locomotives.
Pictured on this page are some of the steam locomotives used on local trains.

The local scheduled summer trains are hauled by several steam locomotives, for example the ex-GWR tank engine 4555, painted green and named "Warrior" for its service here:

The GWR 2-8-0 42XX class tank engines were designed to haul heavy goods trains, perfect for the Welsh Valley coal trains.
The 7-coach local passenger trains are easy for 4277, aptly named "Hercules", painted green in this 2016 photograph.

In July 2022, 4277 re-appeared after an overhaul in its more accurate British Railways black livery, as shown here in February 2023. The numberplate has become red (perhaps not so historically correct!) and the "Hercules" nameplate has sadly disappeared.

The sparkling 7827 "Lydham Manor" looks beautiful in the sunshine...

... although it has since been repainted in black livery (not really an improvement in my opinion!)

Also from the old GWR is sister locomotive "Bradley Manor", on loan to the local railway in 2003 and seen here in the village station.

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