Views from Midcreek.

The view from the upper balcony, looking East towards the head of the creek.
The main road from the village can just be seen climbing up through the valley - unless it's obscured by early morning mist!

The view West, looking across the mouth of the creek and the river to the town opposite (accessible by ferry):

In summer large yachts and cruise ships often visit and are moored in the river. The yacht EOS is one of the largest privately owned yachts in the world - but is still small when compared with a modest-sized cruise ship.

A new visitor in March 2020 was the Norwegian cruise ship "Fridtjof Nansen" - despite the virus scare!

Some visiting ships can be a bit of a nuisance - such as "The World", over-shadowing the town in 2010!

Occasionally a brilliant sunset can provide a superb backdrop.  Of course, the weather isn't always perfect but rainbows can be spectacular, particularly "double" rainbows.