Steam Train Excursions and Visitors (continued...)

In 2009 a welcome new visitor was the ex-British Rail Britannia class locomotive "Oliver Cromwell".

The first of the this class, 70000 "Britannia", was itself here on a wet afternoon in 2013 and has appeared from time to time since then.
These two are the only survivors of the 55 built in the early 1950's

2010 saw a visit by the restored "Duke of Gloucester".  Planned to be the biggest and best class of passenger locomotives designed by British Railways, the prototype was completed in 1954 but was a poor performer and not well liked; it was the only one built and was removed from service after just a few years. When 'The Duke' was later rescued and restored several major defects both in the design and in the original construction were discovered and later corrected, resulting in one of the most efficient and powerful steam locomotives ever to run in Britain.

In 2009 the newly-built multi-million pound "Tornado" joined the long list of celebrity visitors and has made regular appearances ever since.
This picture was taken as it repositioned its train in the station.